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San Diego, CA- Spark Studio Soundstage Studio A features a 3000 Sq Ft. double walled soundstage. Some Standing sets, 12' chromakey green cyclorama, Stage with an LED Wall.

Spark Studio includes over 20,000 sq. ft. of shootable space. A number of themed rooms become the perfect background for sets. Including classroom, teachers lounge, nightclubs, restaurants, office, etc.  

Formerly the XETV 6 Station. The studio is on the Encore Event Center campus. The space doubles as an event center for live events.

FILM TV PRODUCTION: For TV, Film and Content production. The campus hosts a plethora of themed rooms that can be used as backdrops for different locations and looks.

HYBRID CORPORATE EVENTS: The 2nd floor is a 5000 sq. ft. space, seats 500 people,  set up Auditorium 3/4 style. This large open space set up for Speaker Based Events that can be live, hybrid or virtual.

VIDEO / PODCAST STUDIO B: A standing multi camera round table set. Podcasts are now expected to be additionally video. Well take it to the next level and produce your own tv talk show.

Exteriors and Interiors available including a parking lot for cast and crew.

Please contact us directly to discuss your project and the schedule by using the "Contact Spark" link below.




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