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Hybrid Corporate Events


Hybrid Corporate Events

San Diego, CA - "The Loft" is the 2nd floor of Spark Studio Soundstage. It is a standing set in auditorium 3/4 style, seating about 500 people. Technically, there is a PA system and LED Monitors with the ability to add a multi-cam set up, making it perfect for speaking engagements, streaming and hybrid events. 

Equipment and Crew Available

  • Black Magic 6k pro Cameras
  • DZO Lens
  • ATEM Switcher
  • Cinema Slider Dolly and Jib
  • Lavalier Mics
  • Handheld Wireless Mics
  • ZoomISO

We can save you production dollars as the second floor is already pre-set for speaking engagements. Combined with our Kontrol room on the first floor, we have Black Magic 6k Cameras, Switchers, and crew available in house. 

For corporate break-out rooms. We can use 2-3 of the rooms downstairs and more in the next building.  

For Film / TV projects. The 2nd floor can double as multiple locations as well.

For more information and request for proposal, please use the "Contact Spark" form below.

The Loft Photo Gallery

This space could be used immediately as a seminar speaker event, a modern church, a ted talk like environment. Additionally, the chairs can be removed to build an open office space for film and television. You can see the ceiling has been sound treated for a better sound recording environment. 











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